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Monday, November 23, 2009


Alan Gemmell

Let's imagine they do find oil....

Travel to the moon would become infinately cheaper. You would only have to pay for the gas to get you there, fill up on the free stuff (and even fill up enough to get you back again for the next trip!).

If they did find it, who would claim it? Or would it be, first come, first served!?! Would we have a "martian/ET stealth tax"? (sounds strange now, but I wouldn't put anything past the UK government)

Along the same lines, I could see Virgin Galactic branching out and building space "ferries", especially for all drivers of the "Hummer", because with the price of gas constantly inflating on earth,it will probably work out cheaper for them to fly to the moon to fill up! (now there's a phrase we never thought we would hear outside of a Trekkie film)

Talking about Virgin Galactic, I was listening to a podcast (Scotbiz BBC podcast), and the GM was talking on it. They have already sold out the first 50 "planes" or thereabouts. They are surprisingly close to makinig the first flight, and they are already working on new models. This is reality, and it's coming very soon...for those who can afford it!

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