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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Alan Gemmell

Amazing & disturbing!

Honestly, I hae no other words to describe what I just saw!

Amazing: The technology is hardly nanophysics, however it is amazing that there are still people in the world that dedicate their time, to improve life for others. I find it humbling to watch how people use their intelligence in this way.

Disturbing: Why, oh why are there still people dying in the world through lack of safe drinking water???? Obviously the answer to the problem is out there. And with some government backing, the design could no doubt be improved and industrialised. Why do goverments invest in shit (sorry for the word, but it is frank and to the point), when there are life saving inventions out there, that any "right-minded" company would be happy to produce.

Why does the "civilised" world (sometimes I wonder about this saying), continue to vote and put up with idiots in power. It's like the blind leading the blind!

I hope Michael manages to find someone to promote his invention and, not only provide safe drinking water to 3rd world countries, but provide cheaper drinking water to the rest of us...but there lies the rub! Whilst there are water companies in the world, that pay the government and the MP's, these inventions will never see the light of day...hmmmm sounds something like the electric car, or the car that runs on water (designed in the 80's), or renewable energy...when will we wake up, and put an end to industrial manipulation???

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