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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Jean-Marc Bellot

Even though the outcome of this research should not be considered as a big surprise by most people involved in negoatiating stuff, I appreciate that there are some hard facts backing what I had experienced as a rule of thumb: in sales in general and in negotiation in particular, the ability to develop a good relationship with the buyer is a "nive to have". Instead, the ability (also the skill) to put oneself in the buyer's shoes (head if you prefer) is a "must have".

Experience also taught me an additional element. There is an order in getting things done, and esp. when it comes to negotiating a deal. To make it simple, I would articulate it with the following formula: "Deal with the human side first, then deal with the business side". To make is simple, tackle emotions first to make sure that they won't cause any hurdle in the course of the negotiation, then, once you get this level of assurance, move to the business side, when it's all about understanding what your counterpart (rather than opponent) has in her/his mind.

Do you know whether this item (the notion of order) has been covered in the research carried out by the Association of Psychological Science?

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